10 June 2019

Canvas of memories

(my mama-sewn childhood)

Your smile's on my mouth, it shines in my eyes,

before the needle, gold threads run apart.
Colourful buttons, an army of joy,
roll everywhere all around on the floor.
Into the corner (the place of a sprite),
afternoon sun puts a bouquet of light.
On the black back of the humming cookstove,
memories slumber and tenderly glow.
They melt silently, the old kitchen fades,
time dances his dance, the fabric decays.
Small cotton fluffs float, fly down on my hand,
I mend the canvas as long as I can.

My beautiful mama

Emlékek szövete

(Mama varrta gyerekkorom)

Mosolyod a számon, szememben a fény,
Aranyszálak futnak szét a tű hegyén.
Gurulnak a gombok, tarka hadsereg,
Duruzsoló sparhelt hátán szendereg,
Olvad a sok emlék, megfakul a kép;
Lebomlik a szövet, kis pamutpihék
Némán lebegnek, tenyeremre szállnak...
Ameddig tudom, foltozom a vásznat.

 My grandmother and I. I called her "mama". 



  1. Oh dear Edit this is so beautiful and so touching poem !!!!!!!!!!!!

    you painted your memories as well as i am able to see your all the love and delightful cherished times together with your mama so absorbingly :)))

    you have command over the magnificent harmony of expressions and words you choose my dear friend!

    thank you so much for sharing these treasured images of your lovely and sweet grandma :)

    in second photo i can see her more close and her smile and angle like face looks DIVINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words, my dear friend!
      Big hugs!

  2. Hello dear Edit, I can only echo Baili - the poem is so very beautiful and touching. It helps also the reader to find sunny and colourful memories of childhood. :)
    The photos are wonderful too.
    Thank you for your lovely comment! In Finland, the weather is never boring. :D We had some days of about 30 C, but now the weather has turned to unusually cold and it has been snowing in the north. :)
    Big hugs!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, dearest Sara!
      I hope your changeable weather will turn again, and summer will return to Finland soon. :-)
      Big hugs to you!

  3. A most beautiful poem, and lovely photographs.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you so much, dear Jan!
      Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I like the descriptions of a mama-sewn childhood, time dancing and mending the canvas as long as one can.

  5. It's the everyday things that hold us close.

    1. Absolutely! 😊 Thank you for your kind comment.

  6. This is a lovely reminiscence.

  7. Your poem is a gossamer web of memories beautifully scripted, absolutely exquisite.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  8. So lovely and gentle and woven with care.

  9. Intimate portrait in many ways. Beautiful.

  10. that final line is so powerful ~