16 May 2019


the jealous time has stolen
the brightness from my eyes
the velvet of my skin and
the lightness of my heart
but somewhere deep inside me
some stubborn dreams still flare
and I pin my sweet daisy
desires in my hair


bőröm selymességét
szememből a fényt
a féltékeny idő
elrabolta rég
könnyed szívemet
belepte sűrű por
de most is izzik még
mélyen valahol
néhány makacs álom
ritka régi kincs
hajamba tűzöm
százszorszép vágyaim

05 May 2019

Being a mother

Your every success is my joy and pride.
You are the happiness of my soul and heart.
Being a mother is the greatest gift.
It's not a sacrifice, and not a merit.

Anyának lenni

Minden sikered az én büszkeségem.

Minden boldogságom belőled fakad.
Anyának lenni a legnagyobb ajándék.
Soha nem érdem, és nem áldozat.

21 April 2019

Chicken pie and Nutella puffs

Just chicken breast, carrot, and corn,
a colour cavalcade is born,
and gold toasted walnut, and pea,
our favourite spice is the key.
The pastry crumbles in the mouth,
it will not be left for the mouse.
If you even want something sweet,
these chocolate puffs are what you need.

Chicken and vegetable pie

Nutella puff pastry

03 April 2019

A giraffe, a frog, and an owl

The giraffe has grown very tall.
He sees what is beyond the wall.
This makes him so confused and stressed,
that he never straightens his back.

In the garden there lives a frog.
He decided to write a blog
about that he wanted to jog,
but could not, because of the smog.

This little blue owl has a dream
of having a house at the stream,
which is lovely, cosy, and clean,
with pine wooden walls painted green.

Egy zsiráf, egy béka és egy bagoly

Magasra nőtt a zsiráf,
látja, mi van odaát.
Sosem húzza ki magát,
így leplezi zavarát.

Azt gondolta a béka,

jót tenne most a séta.
De megfájdult a torka,
nagy volt a szmog, kimarta.

A kis bagoly nagy álma,

legyen egy szép faháza.
Piros tető, zöld falak,
közelében friss patak.

Our World Tuesday

22 March 2019

Coffee, hellebore, and sunrise

I'm humming a sorrowful song,
and let the tears grow in my eyes.
A cup of coffee in my hand...
My heart is still filled with blue sighs.

But outside, March kisses the trees,
green hellebores greet me with grace...
And I let the rising sun draw
a pale rainbow-smile on my face.

Skywatch Friday
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