29 September 2017


My palm's a map. I
tuck it into my hand so
I don't know my way.


Tenyerem térkép.
Hogy utamat ne tudjam,
markomba gyűröm.

Scorpions: Life is too short

Our World Tuesday
Skywatch Friday

22 September 2017

Weekend sunshine

28 September 2016

September summer,
sunshine and grapes,
lengthening shadows...
Autumn still waits.

Hétvégi napfény

Szeptemberi nyárban
nyújtózkodó árnyék,
szőlőszemek, napfény...
Ősz, egy kicsit várj még!

We have cloudy and rainy days, so I brought some sunshine from a years ago. :-)

Skywatch Friday

04 September 2017

In the end of summer

It is still too hot during the days.
It is still so good to swim in the lakes.
It is still a light-hearted butterfly.
It is still the sun-bleached blue summer sky.

The scent of the air has already changed.
The summer photos are already framed.
We have warmer colours and cooler nights.
We have longer shadows and deeper lights.

And everything whispers about the fall.
The birds are on way obeying the call.
This is now the summer's farewell kiss,
Sweet lazy sparkling days, you will be missed.