16 July 2020

July siesta

A fruit-flavoured dream,
still shining on my cheek.
A luscious tiny breeze
wakes me with a breath.

It plays around my eyes,
then slips down to the arms,
vibrating on the peach
velvet of my neck.

A cloudlet in the sky,
desirous, but so shy,
would lay shadow on my
light unbuttoned dress.

A lovely, innocent
sin floats in cherry-scent,
the afternoon goes by
in a sweet caress.

Júliusi szieszta
Gyümölcsízű álom
Csurran még a számon,
Könnyűvérű szellő
Ébresztget buján.

Szempillámon játszik,
Lesiklik a vállig...
Bizsereg a bőröm
Barack bársonyán.

Kóválygó kis felleg
Féltékenyen reszket,
Árnyával takarná
Kigombolt ruhám.

Duruzsoló szárnyak
Hintik szét a vágyat.
Zsong a délután.

Our World Tuesday
Skywatch Friday

16 June 2020

In the garden

I let the garden grow...
I only watch as one plant overwhelms the other.
And while I'm trying to understand the nature's paths,
I hear as God laughs...

Our World Tuesday

3 June 2020

New books on the shelf

I ordered these books on the Internet. They were in quarantine in a corner for two weeks, but now they are ready for reading. 🙂

I like to look around in the bookstores, but I prefer to buy the books online. (Even when life is normal.) It's more comfortable for me, and you can find good offers. I bought these ten books for price of three. 🙂

I gave the title "New books on the shelf" to this post, but there is no more space on the bookshelves, so I still don't know where I can put them. 🙂 This is the benefit of e-books. They don't need any space, and you can take them with yourself everywhere. But I would miss the printed books. I love their scent, I like to touch them, and it's simply good to look at them. 🙂

“Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.”
Stephen Fry

Evening rainbow 😊

Our World Tuesday

28 May 2020

Day after day

Our time goes by, years run away,
we patch ourselves day after day,
stubbornly weave a dream, a plan,
like spiders weave – always again,
day after day – new and new threads,
if one of gods tears up their webs.

Nap nap után

Nap nap után elszalad,
foltozgatod önmagad.
Szősz kitartón álmokat,
mint a pók sző napra nap
 hálója ha elszakad 
mindig újabb szálakat.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Our World Tuesday

19 May 2020

Oatmeal with strawberry

Strawberry, honey,
and oatmeal, so smooth,
I eat my breakfast
with Winnie the Pooh.

Our World Tuesday

14 May 2020

News from the bucket

The hatchlings hatched.

12 May 2020


From flower to flower,
I walk on the path.
To get lovely moments,
my soul reaches out.

From deep red to purple,
from yellow to white,
the flowers console me,
they cuddle my heart.

I walk like a beggar,
with wishes and sighs,
from orange to dark blue,
from shadow to light.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Our World Tuesday
My Corner of the World

6 May 2020

Nest in the bucket

What do two young engineers do, when a pair of pigeons moved to the balcony? Of course they put up a camera. 😀

16 April 2020

Walk with me in my city (4.)

14 April 2020

Walk with me in my city (3.)

...and a bouquet of tulips from the garden. 🌷🌷🌷

11 April 2020

Walk with me in my city (2.)

These photos were taken at the end of May, in 2018. I took them with my phone. Sorry for their quality. 🙂

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