06 November 2016

Szépséges ősz

Avarszagú, őszi kék
kökényruhát hord az ég.
Domb tövében, kert alatt,
bakancsban jár már a Nap.

Váralja, 2001.11.04.

Lovely autumn

Fallen leaves smell, autumn trees,
In the gardens, on the hills.
Sloe-dressed sky smiles over roofs,
Sun already walks in boots.


  1. Such wonderful, soothing autumn views, Edit! The sun is still shining but one can guess that the colder season is arriving.
    I don't know much about poetry but I enjoy very much reading your poems. Your verses are lovely in English and I guess they are at least as good in Hungarian.
    It's good that you write the poems also in English. If I try to translate the original using Google Translate, it's not poetry anymore.
    Here it's snowing softly also today, but the snow may still disappear. I would really hope to have snow before Christmas, not after Christmas, like last year.
    Big hugs! Have a happy Sunday!
    PS Thank you for your kind comments! Your pelargoniums sound lovely. I didn't know there are caterpillars that eat their buds. I hope they are not many!

    1. Thank you for your very kind words. It means a lot to me that you find my little poems lovely. I know I still need to improve my English, and your words always fill me with new enthusiasm.
      I hope you will have a beautiful white Christmas in this year.

  2. Oh such beautiful landscapes! They are for calendars. I just hope there is a Translator Window at the side bar.

    1. Thank you for your lovely words! Unfortunately Google Translate is not very good at Hungarian. I’ve tried to write some of my recent posts in English as well. Like this one. :)
      But now I have added Google Translate. :)))