28 November 2016

Last gifts of November

Unexpected gift from the fall:
some days are so mild and bright.
The garden rocks gently her last,
Precocious, little late child.

The branches scratch signs on the sky,
clouds are dissolved in the wind.
I know hard frost will soon arrive,
but today I dream of spring.

November végén

Váratlan ajándék most az ősztől:
egy ragyogó, napfényes enyhe hét.
A kert féltőn ringatja megmaradt,
pár késői, koravén gyermekét.

Jeleket írnak az égre a fák,
kékjében felold egy felhőt a szél.
Tudom, hogy jönnek majd kemény fagyok,
de ma még csupán rossz álom a tél.


  1. So beautiful, and so bright and cheerful. Your November this year looks like our summer. :)
    It's funny: English is a foreign language for both of us, but I think your words in English convey the feeling perfectly, from you to me.
    I read your words again... I really like the way you write. And the photos are lovely as well.

    1. Thank you, Sara! Your kind words always delight me. ♥

  2. These are so gorgeous with so many colors and natural textures. Come share them in the Texture Twist Link Up

  3. Beautiful gifts! It is not so mild here anymore...

  4. Lovely photos! This November was glorious! Happy December!

  5. I enjoyed your photos and your poem. I hope you enjoy your last days of spring and the start of winter. I'm joining you from over at Communal Global.