28 May 2020

Day after day

Our time goes by, years run away,
we patch ourselves day after day,
stubbornly weave a dream, a plan,
like spiders weave – always again,
day after day – new and new threads,
if one of gods tears up their webs.

Nap nap után

Nap nap után elszalad,
foltozgatod önmagad.
Szősz kitartón álmokat,
mint a pók sző napra nap
 hálója ha elszakad 
mindig újabb szálakat.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Our World Tuesday


  1. Bleak and inspiring at the same time. Those spiders really are tenacious!

    1. Thank you very much, dear Jenna! 😊

  2. I specially like this line:

    stubbornly weave a dream, a plan-

  3. as an individual maybe, as a species, not so easy...

  4. Your title reminded me of the opening line of ‘Fool on the Hill’ by The Beatles. I like the idea of patching ourselves day after day and stubbornly weaving dreams. Such is life.

  5. Really nice subtle rhyming and rhythm, I could feel the continuity of the web building. This poem shows none of the dreary resignation or bitterness that usually accompanies this idea - instead the statement of uncluttered 'is-ness' and the implied insouciance of the spider make it comforting to me.

  6. I cannot avoid thinking about the rain that washes the web away...

  7. Beautiful! Reminds us that life goes on. Thank you!