16 November 2018

Rainy days

The lovely autumn has left today.
Today here is his angry twin.
Fat clouds hang down to the town, and rain
Coats the windows with silky skin.

I hold my umbrella so strongly.
In stormy wind I learn to fly.
At last, I let it try without me.
I watch its dance in gloomy sky.

Esős napok

A kedves ősz elbúcsúzott.
Mogorva öccse maradt csak itt.
Az ablakon eső kopog.
Az égbolt leér a házakig.

Ernyőm nyelét szorongatom.
Szállni próbál velem a szélben.
Repüljön hát, végül hagyom…
Bolond táncát ámulva nézem.


  1. reminded me wind we sisters faced while walking towards school back in our hilly village dear Edit

    many times our umbrella blew away with the wind

    lovely expressions !

    1. Just like me and my sister. :-) Thank you for your lovely words, Baili!