19 July 2017

Walks in the flowery-count's garden

"How much happier anonymity is than rank and goddamn social obligations. That is why I think the only way I give meaning to the wealth left to me is by discarding it. If I am the flowery-count, the fool." (Count István Ambrózy-Migazzi)

One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Hungary is the Jeli arboretum. It can be found in South West Hungary, next to the village Kám. It was established by Count István Ambrózy-Migazzi in 1922.

István Ambrózy-Migazzy (1869 - 1933)

His life goal was to create forever flowering gardens in our area.

The grave of the "flowery-count" is near the arboretum.
On his gravestone, his motto can be read:

"Semper Vireo"

Some photos were taken back in 2004, on a cloudy day, sometimes in drizzling rain... the others were taken in this May, in bright sunny weather... :-)

Fragile dream-fluffs just the stars
of opal-blue midsummer nights,
rocking away in the breeze.

Silent song of the trees
awakens the lazy lake,
rising sun hugs the leaves,
and paints a bridge on the waves.


  1. The arboretum and your photos are so beautiful, Edit, that I already had tears in my eyes. What a magical place! And what an extraordinary person! What gorgeous rhododendrons!
    The poem really made me cry. Now I need to go to look for a handkerchief. :)
    Thank you for a wonderful post, Edit. Big hugs! ♥

    1. Your lovely words always make me happy, Sara! :-)

  2. I thought that quote at the very beginning was full of wisdom and it couldn't get better than that.

    But, this is even better:

    "His life goal was to create forever flowering gardens in our area."

  3. A beautiful post and what a truly magical garden. He certainly has created a forever flowering garden!
    Loved how you captured the beauty. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week.

  4. Oh my this place looks like piece of heaven!!!

    Worth visiting at least once in life.
    Looking at these magical sights proving that "old is gold"
    I found this amazingly more charming than many new orchards .
    Loved your beautiful poetry my friend!
    You have wonderful command over the harmony of thoughts and words ,simply BEAUTIFUL! !!

    1. Thank you for this very kind comment, Baili! Hugs! :-)

  5. Hello Edit, what a very beautiful and special garden. It must be wonderful to walk there..
    Lovely poem!
    Love, Ida

  6. Gorgeous photos of this garden, Edit! I also love the poem. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. What gorgeous shots of this lovely place.

  8. What a beautiful place, Edit, thanks for taking us along.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked this little walk, dear Amalia! :-)

  9. What a lovely garden! Great photos! One day I will visit Hungary, I am it is a beautiful place. Kisses from Greece, Edit.

  10. such a lovely arboretum....

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  11. Great to visit your blog. Beautiful post and pics.

  12. Beautiful flowers. What a large garden this must be.

    Worth a Thousand Words

    1. Thank you! I guess it's around 75 hectares. :-)