18 December 2016

December Sun

All the colours burst into a blaze once more.
Branches knitted delicious lace for the Sun,
She shed a tear for the last dying flower,
And kissed the houses' forehead, before she's gone.


Decemberi napfény

Búcsúzóul még lángra lobbantotta a színeket,
Rozsdavörös csipkét horgolt faágakból a Nap.
Könnyeket hullatott az utolsó virágért,
És homlokon csókolt egy kopott tűzfalat.

This little violet thought it was spring.

Shared with: Texture Twist


  1. Yes, a sunny day in December, rare and short, is exactly like this.
    Thank you for your comments today. If you like the wall calendar, you will find interesting images googling Martta Wendelin. Another beloved Finnish illustrator was Rudolf Koivu.
    I was happy to "meet" you in 2016. Here's to an interesting new (blogging) year 2017! Merry Christmas, dear Edit!

  2. Ah ! i am captivated by your beautiful description of autumn .
    lovely pictures !

  3. Such beautiful winter textures and silhouettes!