19 July 2017

Walks in the flowery-count's garden

"How much happier anonymity is than rank and goddamn social obligations. That is why I think the only way I give meaning to the wealth left to me is by discarding it. If I am the flowery-count, the fool." (Count István Ambrózy-Migazzi)

One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Hungary is the Jeli arboretum. It can be found in South West Hungary, next to the village Kám. It was established by Count István Ambrózy-Migazzi in 1922.

István Ambrózy-Migazzy (1869 - 1933)

His life goal was to create forever flowering gardens in our area.

The grave of the "flowery-count" is near the arboretum.
On his gravestone, his motto can be read:

"Semper Vireo"

Some photos were taken back in 2004, on a cloudy day, sometimes in drizzling rain... the others were taken in this May, in bright sunny weather... :-)

Fragile dream-fluffs just the stars
of opal-blue midsummer nights,
rocking away in the breeze.

Silent song of the trees
awakens the lazy lake,
rising sun hugs the leaves,
and paints a bridge on the waves.