29 July 2017

Summer blue

July... Lazy clouds,
Bright sky... Forever changing
Blue and white painting.

My little summer door decoration... :-) It also has an autumn pair. :-)

This blue and white blanket is the biggest thing I have ever crocheted... and maybe the only one... :-)

This dress was my grandmother's. She sewed it, and it is still beautiful.

Blue memories

Blue was the sky and blue were your eyes,
Some lost pictures and some worn out lies.
Blue stream ran and drifted away all,
All memories what we could recall.

Blue was your dress and blue was your song,
It reassured me, then let me go on.
Blue was the swing and blue was your word,
Blue ribbons flew, my deluded world.

Blue was the flame and blue was the rain,
Silent blue grave stood beyond the pain.
Blue was the lake, and blue was the flood,
Little boat deep, deep down in the mud.

Blue was the way, and your smile was blue,
For me the past always will be blue.
Old blue summer, and your ice-blue heart,
You were the mum, and I was your child.

Skywatch Friday


  1. Beautiful, each photo.

    The poem, haunting. Is it good or bad?

    1. Thank you, Sandi! A little bit of both. :)

  2. Oh my, this poem at the end is very touching and overwhelming!!!

    I read it three time and each time I stimulate my emotions strong!

    Your heart is precious my dear friend,filled with delicate and beautiful emotions and thoughts which you describe very sublimely and gently!

    I loved this summer door decoration, it is elegantly charming.

    I enlarged the blanket pic and am amazed with you talent !it is amzingly going straight the blue and white sky!!!
    Each photo specially the last one is lovely

    1. Thank you so much, my dear friend! Your lovely words always warm my heart. ♥

  3. Wow. All these photos are the perfect and show that you had the best time there. Thanks for sharing these and let us watch the nature.

  4. Beautiful photos, Edit. I love the sky, the dress of your mother, and your great poem! Kisses, my friend.

  5. I love the blue sky, like you. Lovely, lovely pictures. Beautiful door- heart.
    You really write beautiful poems...
    Have a happy day, Ida💙

  6. This is such a beautiful post. I love your poem, your Grandmothers dress (so precious0, your flowery watering can (Iwould love one too!), your crochet blanket, your lovely collage, but most of all I love your faithful companion and the delightful family snap. Have a wonderful week :)

    1. Thank you very much! You are so kind! ♥

  7. Sweet shots and lovely poem!

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