12 January 2017

Winter picture

Along the streets, glad rags clad beggars,
Looted, proud trees leaning to the earth.
Your bright white dress blinds me in the light,
Melting ice flower on my blue eyes.

Téli kép

Ünneplőbe bújtatott koldusok,
Földig hajló, kifosztott, büszke fák.
Fehér ruhátok fénye elvakít...
Szememben olvadó jégvirág.

Wednesday Around the World


  1. Soothing!!!

    These winter photos are magical to look at !
    As I live in Pakistan which is in Asia and Asia is hotter continent so if we want to see such enchanted views decorated by snow we would have to travel to our northern areas where it is snowy weather now days (there is my native land also ) here in southern areas of country we are having dry cold weather.
    Your very beautiful pictures reminded me my native land so deeply dear friend!
    Thank you so much for sharing magic of winter from your beautiful land:)
    Wishing you a very safe ,happy,healthy and delightful new year !

  2. So very beautiful, dearest Edit!
    Have a happy weekend!

  3. Don't the trees look pretty all dressed in white


  4. Beautiful! Have a lovely weekend! Stay warm!

  5. Beautiful pictures! How can winter feel so bad, but look so good? #communalglobal

  6. each season has it's beauty and color and winters paint the views white .
    how amazing that white is light color but in winters it brings gave shads of moods .
    thank you for sharing the mesmerizing beauty friend!