27 February 2023

Turtle dream

This pretty little turtle
wishes her shell was purple,
and delicate like a lace...
The whole world would be amazed.

Teknőc álom
Ez a helyes teknőc
szeretne új teknőt.
Csipkéset és lilát...
Ámuljon a világ!


I found the pattern of this sweet pretty turtle on the Pink Mouse Boutique blog.

15 February 2023

Crocheted bear

I can't wait for the spring,
for sweet scents in the wind,
for birds and bumblebees,
for new buds on the trees.


03 February 2023

Crocheted birds waiting for spring

Lost in the shades of grey,
without the shining sun,
huddling birds patiently
wait for the spring to come.


Huddling little birds
surrounded by shades of light.
Hope of spring coming.