18 September 2019

Woman in red

her shape's a song, her step's a dance
her poppy-skirt's a stolen glance
she springs giggling, a tiny flare
the dusk melts into her long hair
her dreams are bright, troubles of life
still don't shadow her clear blue eyes
waving meadow, she chases clouds
her thoughts are lovely, like a child's
without worries whirling along
she's like summer, so brave and strong

Nő pirosban

alakja dallam lépte tánc
pipacsruhája könnyű ránc
kacagva szökken lángra kap
hajában olvadt alkonyat
az álma fénylő fecskeszárny
szemében nincs még gondtól árny
hullámzó rét a gondolat
mint gyermeké szép és szabad
nem bántja szél nem húzza sár
erős és bátor mint a nyár


  1. Oh this made my eyes wet dear Edit!

    such a lovely poem ,seems tribute
    and i loved these treasured images :) stunning and charming !

    1. Thank you, dear Baili!
      Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Beautiful emotions and description here. Perhaps a tribute, a song of love and thanksgiving for a real lady in red?

    1. Thank you, dear Lillian! Yes, it's a tribute to my grandmother.

  3. You paint a lovely, carefree picture of her in your words.

  4. Such a tribute to a very summery person.

  5. This lady in red is someone dear to you, it is clear. It feels like you are missing her.

    1. Yes, she is my grandmother. I miss her... Thank you for your kind words.

  6. Hey edit — Hi poet!. Wanted to let you know I am “temporarily” sightless in my right eye from a retinal disease. It is a struggle fir me to write, but I will still wrote my pieces, going very slowly. Reading at any length is extremely difficult, and causes painful headache — so wanted to say thanks for contributing to OLN. But I won’t be able to read what you wrote, yet I wanted to visit. I spent a little time writing this best I could with one eye, i copied it, and I am pasting it in here to say hi. Got an operation coming up in about a week when the infection is down. Hopefully things will get back to normal.thanks, Rob

  7. Beautiful poem, Edit!
    Wish you a lovely weekend,

    Hugs, Ida🌞

  8. Such a beautiful poem, and very nice pictures.

    All the best Jan