10 May 2017

Passing time

Body grows up, and
mind can grow up as well, but
soul remains a child.

Múló idő

Felnő a test, majd
felnő az ész, de gyermek
marad a lélek.


  1. Hello dear Edit, I think we are lucky if something of the child remains in us. :)
    The images are very interesting. I'm not able to do this kind of photo editing. :)
    I wish you a sunny and happy weekend! Big hugs to you! ♥!

    1. Hello again, I just noticed that in the Finnish (but only Swedish-speaking) Name Day Calendar, Edit is celebrated tomorrow, 14 May.
      Boldog névnapot! (I hope this is correct!) :)

    2. Oh, thank you very much, dear Sara! You are so so so kind! :-)
      You write perfectly in Hungarian! :-) Here, my name day will be only on the 16th of September, so I'm especially happy now, because it was an unexpected, lovely surprise for me. ♥
      The photo above… I edited it with an application, its name is "PicsArt", it is a free photo app for Android... I like "playing" with it. :-)
      I send a big, warm hug to you!

  2. My words in your mouth!!!

    i believe that people with pure heart can keep their inner child alive !

    No pollution let spoil her innocence .
    amazing photo ,so descriptive of your thoughts my dear!

  3. This is true, and I absolutely love your photos, Edit!

  4. So genuine! Cherish this... I completely adore your photographs, Edit!..

  5. Lovely! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!