19 April 2017


I have wandered the Far, Far Away,
the Round forest, and the Glass mountain
 from here, and from over there of course.
A bag of my proud feathers have been
shed on the way... Like something Matrix 
not knowing would be better, perhaps 
I have become only a moveless
ossified shade on the other side
of the cage.


Bejártam már az Óperenciát,
a Kerek erdőt, az Üveghegyet
 innen is, no meg hát persze túlnan.
Elhullattam jó pár büszke tollam
az út során... Mint valami Mátrix 
ha nem is sejteném, jobb lenne tán 
egy mozdulatlanná csontosodott
árnyék a rácsok másik oldalán.


  1. Hmm, is our freedom only an illusion?

    In spring, we want to feel we are free... :) But it didn't arrive here yet, spring.
    We too say April is capricious, but this year it's not, it's just cold! :)
    Do you know how the snow smells when its surface is melting during the day and refreezing at night? I think you would like the scent.

    I hope the snowing stops soon. Warm hugs!!

    1. PS I noticed only later your comment on my earlier post.
      The little poem is interesting... but how didn't an o l d blackbird know that spring has arrived? :)
      Tomorrow I must read more about the poet, he seems to have translated some really important literary works.
      Good night! :)

    2. How does Old Blackbird not know that spring has arrived? Hmm... I never gave it much thought. :D Maybe he is too old already... maybe he just wants to be sure... or maybe he just wants to chat a bit... :-)
      The scent of the snow... :-) I feel, that the scent of the fresh, and of the old snow is different... and I can imagine, that when the snow stays on for a long time, and its surface is melting and then freezing again, it has an other scent too... :-) I also think I would like it. :-)
      But now I'm so sad because of the weather... poor, poor little plants in the garden... I'm so sorry for them. It is still snowing, and it is below zero. I don't remember an April like this. :-(
      Have a beautiful day, dear Sara! Big hugs! :-)

    3. I hope the warmer weather has reached you by now.
      Have a happy new week! Hugs! <3

    4. Oh yes, fortunately the weather is warmer again. :) ♥

  2. what beautiful creation!
    i imagined the glass mountain and flight over it ,flight that was not physical though.
    thank you for absolutely remarkable poetry my friend,loved it truly

    1. Thank you so much! I'm happy you liked it! :-)

  3. It is a matter of perspective, I think ~ Perhaps it is the beginning or the end ~ Thanks for joining our OLN ~