21 January 2017

Still the winter

still the winter says hello
in the mornings
still the frost knocks on the door
the town is grey
sad streets and gloomy houses
but look the sky
is blue and bright and we hold
onto the light

Még a tél

még a tél köszön
be reggel az ablakon
még a fagy kopog

a város szürke kép de
látod kék az ég
kapaszkodunk a fénybe


  1. We are going towards the light even though winter will continue to greet us in the mornings for many weeks yet to come.
    Thank you for the lovely poem, Edit!

    And thank you for your lovely comment today. It made me remember many funny things I collected when I was a child. In those times we had less "stuff" and we appreciated more the things we had.
    Have a happy new week! <3

    1. Thank you Sara! Your kind words always make me happy.

      You made me curious, what kind of things did you collect? :)
      Have a nice week!

    2. Goodness... candy wrappers, little stickers from fruit, small stones, images from biscuit boxes, photo collage postcards... :D

    3. As if I saw the list of my collections ... and there were even shells, snails’ homes, colourful leaves... :D

  2. This is such a beautiful photo and lovely poem, Edit! Thank you so much for sharing, adn warm greetings from Montreal, Canada! :)