18 January 2018


Frail, frozen lamplight.
Footprints huddling together
shyly behind us.


Fagyott lámpafény.
Mögöttem összebújó,
fázós lábnyomok.

Skywatch Friday

04 January 2018

Like a child

Look at me. I'm like a child.
The harder you punish,
the more I will be cussed.

And while I am standing in the corner, with my thoughts,
I wish I were an orphan, to hurt you, just because...
You have no words to me, so I am sure I am right...
Seeing your endless anger, I feel I have to fight.

Look at me. I'm like a child.
Please show me your kind face,
please turn to me with love.

And I promise I will be good.


Nézz rám! Olyan vagyok, mint egy gyerek.
Ha büntetsz, egyre komiszabb leszek.

S amíg gondolkodom a sarokban állva,
Dacból azt kívánom, bárcsak lennék árva.
És ha haragodban már nincs hozzám szavad,
Csak egy okot adsz rá, hogy eltaszítsalak.

Nézz rám! Olyan vagyok, mint egy gyerek.
Mutasd kedves arcod, kérlek, szeress!

S én ígérem, jó leszek.

Before sunrise

Skywatch Friday
Our World Tuesday

17 December 2017

Gingerbread crumbs

Teenager's Christmas

Christmas tree with thousand lights,
crumbs of cake are on my mouth,
squabbling guests in cheerful socks...
Goodbye angels, now I'm off.

Star Wars Christmas

Festive spirit, Christmas time,
light swords hanging on the pine.
Chewbacca and Obi-Wan
play with cards not with a gun.

Millennium Falcon flies,
brings the angel to the house.
Yoda waits them, scans the sky,
he is still a little shy.

At the table, Jedi Knight
eating cookies all the night.
Master Windu cautions him:
Tomorrow, go to the gym!

Darth Vader, humming a song,
counts the good things, and the wrongs.
Leia hugs Han, 'You are late'.
Luke naps, and dreams of a date.

Finally they hear the bell,
it sounds like a magic spell.
Candle flame, heavenly sign,
Christmas spirit, Christmas time.

Changing Christmases

There was time when others cooked,
waited, kissed, and asked to stay
for a little, but we rushed,
gathering stars on the way.

There'll be time when we will cook,
others come, just kiss and go,
and we wait, while from the sky,
stars pop in to say hello.


03 December 2017

Gate to the sky

silence of secrets
hope glowing in shine
gate is creaking on
the axis of time

Kapu az égre

hallgatag titkok
parázsló remény
kapu nyikordul
időnk tengelyén

Our World Tuesday
Skywatch Friday

21 November 2017

November dawn

blanketed in fog
houses huddling together
winter is knocking

Novemberi hajnal

ködpaplan alatt
összebújnak a házak
kopogtat a tél

Our World Tuesday
Skywatch Friday
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