03 February 2017


Come for me now!
Mommy! Daddy!
Please, take me home!
It's been enough
of playing grown-up!
I miss my bed,
the cluttered small room.
I need good night kiss,
my raggedy doll.
I want to hear
my sister's breath.
And while light's coming
through under the door,
Your whisper slowly
lulls me to rest.


  1. So well written, Edit. Sometimes we feel like this. For some time only, I hope, and then we are again happy to be the wise and more confident adults...
    Big hugs! ♥
    Wishing you a happy weekend!

  2. oh !how touching!!!
    while reading this beautiful poem i felt that you painted my heart through your precious words!
    you are simply so blessed with this art dear friend!