19 June 2017


In the corner of the garden
the morning still takes a rest,
strews flower petals on the wound
that the dawn cut on my breast.

My desires slowly calm down,
the silence flows, like a stream...
It's the last awakening now,
everything was just a dream...


A kert sarkában megpihen
a délelőtt egy percre.
Virágszirmokat szór, tegyem
a hajnal vágta sebre.

Csöndjét magamon átmosom,
vágyaim elcsitulnak.
Ez most a végső ébredés:
minden más álom volt csak.


  1. Wonderful images and intriguing words...
    Stay well and enjoy the Midsummer weekend! ♥
    The weather here is not warm, but that means the fresh green will stay longer.
    Big hugs!

    1. Thank you, dear Sara! It is hot and dry here... I’m wishing for cooler days! Have a delightful weekend! Big hugs! ♥

  2. I think this poetry is some of masterpiece.
    I can feel the edge of pain and ocean of darkness from where the glory of dawn rises


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