10 March 2017

It's time

I should have been reconciled
with the time and with my life,
with all that I did not find,
with all that I left behind.

I should have been reconciled
with the future, with the past,
to accept all what have gone,
and to love what just will come.

I should have been reconciled
with all wrinkle 'round
 my eyes.
Wash the soul creased on my face,
blanch over in Lethe's waves.


But I’m just standing dazed.
Look, I have everything.
The world probably waits
for me, I’d like to think.

I wait, and wait ever,
only heaven knows, why.
The happiness once more
opens at my blind eye.

While worn out, dusty dreams
still come and go in rows,
I cry for the woman
who I never was.


Ideje lenne

Békülnöm kéne már
Az élettel, az idővel.
Mindennel, amit megadott,
Mindennel, amit még nem vett el.

Békülnöm kéne már
A tegnappal, a jövővel.
Elfogadni, ami elmúlt,
S szeretni, ami még nem jött el.

Békülnöm kéne már
Önmagammal, a tükörrel.
Arcomra gyűrődött lelkem
Lemosni a Léthe vizével.

De én csak állok kábán.
Nézd, megvan mindenem!
A világ talán vár rám,
Titkon még azt hiszem.

És várok, várok egyre.
A jó ég tudja, mit.
A boldogság egy percre
Még vak szememre nyit.

S míg elnyűtt, poros álmok
Jönnek-mennek sorban,
Én siratom az asszonyt,
Aki sosem voltam.


  1. Great verses again, dear Edit! It's a pity I can't read the Hungarian version. Just think that you can write poems in two languages, I'm not able to do it even in one. :)

    To all those that think "I should have", I say "stop!". It's never too late to reconcile. Look at yourself as a small child, with tenderness, and expand the tenderness towards yourself today. <3

    Have a happy Sunday! Big hugs!

    1. Dear Sara, your kind words always mean a lot to me. ♥
      I just write... I barely dare to call them verses. :-) But your every post is worth a poem. ♥
      Hugs to you!